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 Leasing your home can be a great opportunity to earn income while preserving and growing your home equity. Rental properties are also a compelling alternative investment, known for reliable income and attractive returns.

We strive to differentiate ourselves by providing the highest level of client service in our market. Please give us a call if you are interested property management, leasing, or rental property investments.

Preferred Home Management

Owned by Lynne & Hunter Goodwin

Our Company ▪ Preferred Home Management provides home owners best-in-class communication, execution, and transparency. Our senior officers have over 50 years of experience in the leasing, management, sales, and financing of real estate nationally. We understand local market dynamics and the impact of regional and national trends on our local housing market. We are here to help increase your returns, preserve your value, and take the work out of ownership.

Leasing ▪ Demand for home rentals is unusually high in the Charlotte market. This is largely due to depressed home values, seller relocations, and in-migration. Our leasing program takes advantage of this, routinely producing above-market rents by creating competition among prospective tenants. Applicants go through a detailed screening process to ensure good credit, and clean background. Additionally, our lease contracts are prepared within all real estate law and Fair Housing guidelines.

Management ▪ Our comprehensive management services include: home investment and market analysis, move-in and move-out inspections, collecting security deposits and rents, responding to tenants, coordinating with contractors and home warranty work.
Repairs & Maintenance ▪ The depth of our home-repair capabilities ensures residents and owners receive timely and cost-effective solutions at the property. High-quality repair work and routine property maintenance ensure value preservation for our home owners.

Cash Flow Accounting ▪ Our thorough yet concise accounting and reporting practices provide owners with worry-free cash-flow management. Detailed income and expense information related to the management, repair, and leasing of the property is delivered monthly for investment-analysis and tax-accounting purposes.

Preferred Home Management